Friday, July 17, 2009

Terrific Progress and Some Spectacular Photographs

These pictures were taken in the nave today of the sunlight streaming through the currently empty light fixtures in the ceiling. Have no fear though. It's only a temporary situation because the new roof surface continues to be laid down even as this is being typed! Go to the Construction Photo Album to see the rest of Chuck's amazing pictures.
Chuck reported the following today:

"The last of the new pre-fabricated trusses were being installed today, nearly completing the main structural portion of this roof job. On Monday, weather permitting, carpenters will open up the final portion of the roof and build the hips that descend down to meet the chancel roof.

As the carpenters have been progressing this week, roofers were right behind them, installing the permanent EPDM rubber roofing surface.On Thursday, masons were also on site, rebuilding the top foot and a half of the walls in the very front of the church from the inside, shoring them up to hold new composite wood beams.

While the first old trusses to be exposed required major re-construction at the outside heel joint, the remaining trusses were in fine shape and required no additional work to secure the steel tie-rods that now span the 65-foot distance along the lower chord of each old truss to relieve the weight. That should save us about $15,000 of the total $40,000 budgeted for those repairs.

Meanwhile, Sexton Victor Psoras has removed one of the scrolls from the capital atop the columns in the front of the church. One of the scrolls fell to its destruction years ago. The removed scroll will be used to cast a mold to make several new scrolls. We are currently pricing cast iron, the material the originals were made of, and also a lighter and more durable fiberglass-epoxy material."