Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Progress Aplenty

North Side Gutters on 7/22/09 (BEFORE)

North Side Gutters on 8/5/09 (AFTER)

We had a roof construction update meeting today. Lots of interesting things going on – most all of it good news.
Right now the work on the roof is proceeding on schedule. Even with the heavy rain this past weekend the project is basically on time.

The reinstallation of the cornice is complete and the north side of the building has already received a fresh new coat of white paint. It looks terrific! The cast iron capitals on the columns on the porch have been power washed and are ready to be painted.

Last week the Lexan was removed on the windows facing 13th street. These windows are protected by the portico and thankfully no rain got in through them during Sunday’s monsoon. The front of the building will have uncovered windows but the sides won’t. The windows on the north and south side of the building unfortunately aren't in good enough shape to have the Lexan coating removed.
The painters will paint the wood and the iron surrounding the front windows as well as the railings going up the steps. The iron fencing going along the top of the wall will not be painted.
Victor inquired about the new downspouts and he was reassured that they were on their way. John Farrell explained that for the downspouts the rubber roofing material is laid down first and then it is peeled back. A rectangular down spout connector is inserted and the rubber is then folded down into the spout to create a finished seam on the inside. Pretty cool. Check out the pictures!