Thursday, September 10, 2009

Umm....What's That Thing Do?

Falcon Wire Rope and Stainless Steel Self-Retracting Lifeline

Miller HP High-Performance Harness (as worn by a professional model - not just some random dude they pulled from the warehouse)

Roof Access Hatch Stairway

Chuck Looking Down The Roof Access Hatch
For years whenever Victor, our Sexton, needed to get onto the church roof to clean out the gutters, unblock the snow or ice or just to get a good view of the Philadelphia skyline he took a really tall ladder to the back of the building and started climbing, dragging his tools behind him. Those days are long gone. The new roof now has this spiffy new access hatch, along with a safety harness and lifeline pictured above. These are OSHA approved devices that will make the job of maintaining our building safer and more efficient for Victor and his staff. Honestly, considering all the work that they do for us day in and day out, the roof project is worth it for this alone. Thanks Victor and Bob! Enjoy your new access hatch.