Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting All Trussed Up

The big news today you ask? The trusses arrived. The west lane of 13th street was blocked off while the trusses were loaded into the parking lot next door. There was a construction update meeting this afternoon with all of the players (Contractors, Architects, Electrical and Structural Engineers, as well as folks from St. Luke's).
Chuck Pukanecz gives the following report:

"Weather has continued to be a concern, with rain each day for more than a week. But workers are maximizing the time between the storms and have been making good progress. The (estimated) date for completion of all work and cleanup remains Oct. 2.

In preparation for installation of the trusses, workers have been busy in the attic, reinforcing the heel joints of the existing trusses with a fiberglass rod system and epoxy filler, creating an incredibly solid joint through which to attach tie rods that will span from wall to wall, relieving some load from the lower cord of the old

They have also been installing new, raised sill plates on the masonry walls to hold the new trusses and have been temporarily re-hanging the plaster ceiling to the
trusses and to new 4" by 4" steel angle irons spanning the old trusses.

Finally, a design issue on the ceiling fans has been resolved and new fans will be installed to create a ventilation flow through the attic and out the roof.

Demolition of the two defunct brick chimneys that pass through the roof will begin tomorrow, weather permitting. We were granted historical commission approval earlier this week to do that, a big relief for the project team."

For more pictures of the truss delivery check out the following link: