Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chuck Pukanecz gave us the following update today:

"Yesterday morning, workers removed the roofing material from the section between the second and third old trusses from the 13th Street side of the church and, by 2:30 p.m., had installed the new trusses in that section and had new sheathing on that section of roof. Working swiftly again today, they had pealed the roofing off the section between the fourth and fifth trusses and were installing the new trusses and expecting to have truss and sheathing work in that bay complete by the end of the day today. To keep even loads on the side walls, they are completing every other section of the roof, then back tracking to fill in the gaps.

The pace of this work has been fast, and surprisingly without any surprises. The next several days will find workers in the attic, tying together trusses, adding supports and building and installing the new sill plates atop the masonry walls to hold the next set of trusses. They will also be exposing the ends of more of the old trusses to see if they need to be rebuilt before the structural tie rods are added to them to ease the load on the bottom chord."

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