Monday, June 22, 2009

OK, It's Been A While

OK, it's been quite a while since the last post and obviously lots has been going on in the past few weeks.'s the scoop.

Workers have installed a massive, 40-foot by 60-foot tarp over half of the north side of the roof and they begun removing the roofing material and the decking from the second bay area - that's the space between the second truss from the 13th Street side back to the third truss. And the good news is that the tarps are doing their job. Not a drop of water got inside during Saturday's downpour.

Meanwhile inside the attic, the remnants of the original nob-and-tube wiring are being replaced by sparkling new metal conduit for temporary circuits. Also, temporary strapping to hold the nave's plaster ceiling in place during construction are being installed along with some new permanent steel brackets to hold the strapping.

Tie rods are now in the attic where they will be fastened to the ends of all the original trusses running the length of the lower chords to reinforce them.

Also on Wednesday, the left hand lane of 13th street will be closed as the 50 new light-weight wood trusses are expected to arrive. Once on site, those key structural elements will begin to be hoisted up from the parking lot by crane and lowered into place, spanning the 66 feet from sidewall to sidewall across the nave.